pink isn't just a colour, it's an attitude!
― miley cyrus, circa hannah montana

(shellys london sandals, clarins and ilia lipsticks, kiyoko lip balm)

april 2015
1-6 { vancouver, canada
good things in greyscale – memories of europe revisited.
for clothing, decor, and design, i love all things black and white.
for photography, i love captures in colour.
my best friend snapped these pictures throughout our european adventure. it was fun to compare my film images with her digital ones. hers are sharper, brighter, more refined. mine are muted, noisy, soft.
i played around with effects to see some of her images (she took over 1000!) in black and white, and i was surprised with how i loved the result.
i always thought one should capture/view europe in full colour, but there's something magical and timeless with greyscale. do you agree?

april 2014
1-23 { berlin, prague, salzburg, hallstatt, vienna
may my silences become more accurate.
– theodore roethke

august 2014
1 { grand forks, usa


december 2014
1-3 { winnipeg, canada

ally bakes #866
peanut butter nutmeg cookies, rolled in sugar, dipped in dark chocolate, topped with honey roasted peanuts. also known as, decadence.

december 2014
1 { winnipeg, manitoba
ally bakes #865
sugar cookies are an annual tradition. icing them is therapeutic.
this year i experimented with blending food colourings: brought in lilac, teal, lime green.

*retrospective note: christmas came and went too quickly this year. then again—doesn't it always?

december 2014
1-3 { winnipeg, canada
ally bakes #864
i made chocolate, olive oil + sea salt cookies for the holidays. they were supreme!

thank you, thank you, atlas addict for featuring my photography!

december 2014
1 { winnipeg, manitoba

another beauty haul of loveliness.

ysl / jao / karmameju / giorgio armani

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december 2014
1-2 { winnipeg, canada

when you do something noble and beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. for the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.
— john lennon

ps. have you seen the movie whiplash? the most incredible performances by miles teller and j.k. simmons.

december 2014
1 { winnipeg, canada

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autumn on the west coast was a dream.

november 2014
1 { vancouver, canada
douglas coupland's gumhead stationed outside the vancouver art gallery. 
i like gum in my mouth, not sure about on sculptures. 
how about you?
i like the couple sitting in the background.

october 2014
1 { vancouver, canada
vancouver icon #205
cartems donuterie
i demand that we all delight in a daily dosage of donut, don't you? this is vancouver's cartems earl grey donut – with rose petals on top! it melted in my mouth. i ate it as i sat on the beach while the sun kissed my skin in october. it was a divine day.

october 2014
1-3 { vancouver, canada

i account it high time to get to sea as soon as i can.
– herman melville, moby dick

october 2014
1-2 { vancouver, canada
vancouver icon #495
earnest ice cream
this local company dreams up and creams up the smoothest, sweetest treats. i've tried everything from oatmeal + brown sugar, to whiskey hazelnut, to chocolate licorice, to mint chip. i've got pints of pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and eggnog waiting in the freezer for the most appropriate time for consumption. which is any time, really.

october 2014
1-3 { vancouver, canada

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