memories arrested in space.
- jackson pollock

my latest playlist for you:

july 2014
1-4 { winnipeg, canada
touch magic, pass it on.
- jane yolan

july 2014
1-6 { winnipeg, canada

colour my life with the chaos of trouble.
- belle & sebastian

july 2014
1-18 { winnipeg, canada
and     so       the         waves           go
iphone, edited with vsco.

happy thanksgiving weekend, canadians! xx

june 2014
1 { vancouver, canada
my mid-summer beauty haul.
a natural, gorgeous blush. a marvellous treatment for my hair. a subtle luminizer for my skin. these gems make my hall of fame.

bumble and bumble / perricone / rms

this movie broke my heart in all the right places.

july 2014
1 { winnipeg, canada
you're looking at my most favourite cookies. they're made with oatmeal, peanut butter, cinnamon, and chocolate chips. i usually eat at least 4 spoonfuls of the dough before i roll them into small circles for the baking tray. they come out warm and soft with the chocolate delicately melted.

july 2014
1 { winnipeg, canada
i painted this trinket box at my favourite pottery painting studio. it's called brushfire. such visits have become an annual summer tradition. i always take a friend or two and we paint and laugh and chat the time away.
this year's creation was inspired by scandinavia, ombre, and luscious reds.

ps. my pinterest page is exploding—taking a design-centered course will do that!

july 2014
1-2 { winnipeg, canada
this divine smoothie is one that i enjoy at least four times a week. my petit green machine.
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
½ cup nonfat vanilla greek yogurt
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp peanut butter
4+ cups fresh spinach
1 frozen banana, sliced
blend, blend, blend.
i love to leave extra peanut butter on the spoon i sip it with.

july 2014
1 { winnipeg, canada
an evening complete with squash and béchamel vegetarian lasagne, salad made from a garden's bounty, and no-bake blueberry cheesecake. of course, friends were there, meaning smiles were exchanged and laughter was plentiful. the palpable joy of food shared with friends is one i like to experience as often as possible.

july 2014
1-3 { winnipeg, canada
i sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the art of opening up.
- shane koyczan

july 2014
1-2 { winnipeg, canada
my international dream team. luxurious. beauty-full.

embryolisse / davines / lierac / homeoplasmine / aesop / karmameju

july 2014
1 { winnipeg, manitoba
the city of light captured over twenty-four hours; our parisienne kaleidoscope. 
kaleidoscope comes from the greek words καλός, εἶδος, and σκοπέω, meaning "observation of beautiful forms".

may 2014
1-28 { paris, europe

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