i need the sea because it teaches me.
– pablo neruda

[ sundays at english bay — keeping my promise to myself ]

september 2014
1-2 { vancouver, canada
we got in her car on a saturday. we had planned a photoshoot at a location she had been to before: three run down sheds, beautifully decomposing, in the middle of nowhere in south winnipeg. i was game—naturally. the sky was ominous and the rain came eventually. i had curled my hair, but the humidity won and the curls fell limp. my friend is a wonderfully talented photographer. these were two of her favourite shots of me. the day of the side profile, perhaps?
to see more of her work, visit her website.

august 2014
1-2 } winnipeg, manitoba
love makes you see a place differently, just as you hold differently an object that belongs to someone you love. if you know one landscape well, you will look at all other landscapes differently. and if you learn to love one place, sometimes you can also learn to love another.
- anne michaels, fugitive pieces

september 2014
1-4 { vancouver, canada

one of my favourite vancity restaurants!

september 2014
1-5 { vancouver, canada
at sixteen, i was illegal and brilliant, my fingernails chewed to half-moons.
i took off my clothes in a late marchfield. i had secret car wrecks, secret hysteria.
i opened my mouth to swallow stars.

now i see the landscape behind me as through a claude glass — tinted deeper, framed just so, bits of gilt edging the best parts.
i see my unlined face, a thousand film stars behind the eyes.

some days i watch myself in the third person, speak to her in the second.
i say: i will meet you in sleep. i will know you by your stillness and your shaking.
– excerpts from 'this is not an elegy' by catherine pierce
every day is ice cream and chocolate cake.
– the weepies

cream ice by earnest and rain or shine.
i had oatmeal & brown sugar and whisky hazelnut!

september 2014
1-4 { vancouver
five of my favourite hearts joined together for dinner to celebrate my move to vancouver.
my little world is peopled with wonders.

my new favourite restaurant - thank you for inspiring me, michelle!

august 2014
1-11 { winnipeg, canada
everything that has been made from love is alive.

august 2014
1-3 { winnipeg, manitoba
"i can tell by your expressions that you were feeling embarrassed", she said after taking the photos. 
she just knows.

august 2014
1-2 { winnipeg, canada
lovely things.

august 2014
1-13 { winnipeg, canada
annotations on a wonderful evening:
– stormy weather
– instax photos
– silk tank top
– lavender mojitos
– a bottle of white
– yellow yolks
– big appetites
– flushed cheeks
– laughter
– exposed brick
– thankfulness

photos taken at cibo.

august 2014
1-9 { winnipeg, manitoba

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